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Procedure and File Upload

1. Send me an mp3 mix of the track you would like me to work on, include BPM and the key- you can use the drop box function        on this page below for file transfers.


2. After receiving your guidelines and requests I shall then proceed to record and send back to you an mp3 of my added work to      your track.

3. We can discuss my work and you can make some adjustments so that you are completely happy with the result.


4. When you are happy with the finished track I will email you the full high resolution WAV. file for you to use as you wish.


5. We can talk on Skype, Viber, FaceTime or whichever platform suits you to get the job done.

6. Click on the 'Book Online' tab in the main menu and select which service you would like, and from there you can make a         r      reservation. 

7. The finished .WAV files will be released to you.

8. If you wish to discuss pricing for multiple tracks please contact me for a quote using the contact form in the main menu.